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It worked well. Apparently others installed the drivers from the CD and received a load of bloatware along with it. To avoid this problem, I'd simply extract the driver files to a folder or use 7zip or similar if the software doesn't tell you where it puts it , but NOT run the supplied installer.

Instead, go to Device Manager, right-click the Bluetooth adpater, click "Update driver software," and choose the folder you extracted the. INF files to earlier. This is how I recommend installing pretty much any driver on Windows unless you really need whatever else the manufacturer wants to throw at you.

It's also possible Windows 7 or Windows Update now has these drivers, as I don't specifically remember having to do this, but, like I said, it's what I normally do anyway, so I wouldn't have remembered it as anything special. It worked as expected on I have a late iMac, running Mavericks Don't know if this dongle will work on a USB hub.

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After much research I found that while the OS should support this device, the OS would always default back to the original bluetooth adapter. I couldn't get it to switch over to the new adapter, until I found a post in this Amazon review section for this device. The other reviewer, who used a laptop in his review, stated that if you booted up with the IOGear dongle removed, turned off bluetooth, plugged in the IOGear dongle, and then turned bluetooth back on, it would now The Mac immediately disabled the built-in Bluetooth 2.

I can now use Authy Bluetooth with my iPhone 5. I'm running Mountain Lion It was plug and play. March 28, Since the introduction of Bluetooth I have been underwhelmed with its performance and frustrated with the amount of effort it took to get things working properly.

If all I wanted to do was connect a phone to a headset there wasn't any frustration, but when I wanted to use it for stereo sound, file transfer and sync my PIM I was busy creating restore points, installing another driver and rolling back to try again. It took an effort, but it worked. Unless you put it in a Windows 7 laptop. Then you were constantly losing the device, having the device show back up, undoing whatever Microsoft had done and re-installing the BT software and NEVER plug it in until it tells you to.

When I went to Windows 8 with Classic Shell - the best open source savior of start menu the BT had reached its end. I was a little worried this wouldn't work with my linux Ubuntu Let me explain.. I took the adapter out of the package and plugged it into a usb port on my HP b laptop running WIN7 64 bit did not use the supplied CD and the adaptor was recognized and the drivers were loaded. The Adaptor was a tight fit. Now I play my music thru my wireless speaker. Ok now the crazy part.. I decided to stick the CD that was supplied with the adaptor in and As advertised, it works great for that software.

TRENDnet TBW-106UB Micro Bluetooth USB Adapter

I am very pleased on that aspect. I have not used it for any other purpose so I cannot comment on that point of view. The negatives very little to me is that it is so small it can be a little hard to take out of USB slots. Also, even when my computer is off the device keeps blinking. Not big enough of a deal for me to not LOVE it. I can confirm that this has no issues on either Windows 8, Windows 8. No need to install anything from the included CD to use it either! Press and hold the Share button then, while still holding the Share button, press and hold the PS Button until the light on your controller starts blinking.

Find "Wireless Controller" and click pair. The light on your controller will then stay lit which tells you it is connected. How to make your PS4 controller compatible with many more games including games on Steam that have Controller support : 1. Extract the zip December 28, The bluetoothh device works as intended ps4 controller pairing , bu i did have an issue at first, this however is not the adapter's fault. The device works fine, no issues, low latency etc, but there are situations that can cause issues, this is true for anything bluetooth. All said i am quite happy with the device, November 19, This works great.

I use it for allowing my desktop computer to connect to my Amazon Echo and use it as a bluetooth speaker.

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This one has a better range than another bluetooth adapter that i borrowed from a friend to try. The speaker is about 15 ft away from the computer and it works perfect. I use it on a Windows 10 machine that instantly recognized it and installed the drivers without having to use the enclosed CD. My only complaint, but this seems to be common with all bluetooth devices, is that there is a delay with the sound.

If you are watching a video on the computer and using the bluetooth speaker they are delayed. Enough so to make it annoying to watch. Overall a great product for the money. November 4, GUYS, I was about to destroy this thing after I hear the sound quality on my speaker, please search online on a fix.

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I can try to explain this. There is a setting on your computer that registers your Bluetooth device as a Hands Free device.

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If youre having ppoor sound try THIS. That option is whats making it sound horrible! Your device should turn off and disconnect. Just pair it again and There you go. Also you can search for some videos online, I cant mention names in reviews, but you know what it is. Highly recommend if you want your PC to have Bluetooth function September 2, I purchased this item for my PC and based on its review.

I upgraded my PC to Windows 10 from 7. I expected some issue as the description of this dongle didn't say anything about Windows But setup couldn't have been simpler. I just plugged this dongle to USB port in my PC and it was recognized instantly showing Bluetooth icon at the bottom right corner. There was no need for downloading driver software or using the CD that came with it. After plugging it, I turned on my Bluetooth headphone, right clicked the Bluetooth icon at the bottom right corner and chose 'Add a Bluetooth Device. Highly recommend if you want your PC to have Bluetooth function.

No more tangled headphone line. Very happy with the purchase. Great device for the money March 13, Had this in use all of 6 months, and then it stopped working. Tried it on multiple computers with different operating systems, but no luck. Purchased another brand, and back in business.

Now the pleasure of testing out Kinivo's warranty. Downloaded their drivers and installed. Worked with Win10 PC. Saw the "how-to" for Raspberry Pi on their website, and checked it out. So, step 1 -plug into one of my Raspberry Pi's. Powered it up, and it works.

Bluetooth Adapter Introduction

Don't know if the PC gremlins vacated the computers after bringing in an Exorcist, or Win10 and Raspbian updated some system files. Either way, I've adjusted the rating back to 5 stars. Cudo's to Kinivo for a simple uncluttered website layout. Simple to navigate and not a ton of menus to click through to find what you need!

November 11, Works perfectly. Plugged it into an empty USB port on my laptop with Windows 7 64bit and it immediately started looking for the drivers at Windows Update. I did not install the software that came with the Kinivo but instead went to the Broadcom website that is listed in the installation manual and downloaded the most recent version of the software.

TRENDnet TBW-108UB User Manual

This time the software directed Windows to check for updated drivers for all sorts of Bluetooth devices. After the installation I rebooted the computer, installation takes a while , and everything worked with no problems whatsoever. If you don't want the Bluetooth active until ready for use than you can right click the Bluetooth icon in the system tray and turn I was frustrated for a while trying to get the things to work without the software for windows 8. However, the drivers did download automatically when plugging in the kinovo usb bluetooth device.

But I couldn't figure out how to make the connection with my device.

Quick Overview

So for others that are having trouble, this is what you do it will save you some frustration. First plug in your bluetooth kinovo usb and let it download the drivers. Then go to the right lower corner of windows and click on the up arrow. Make sure the device you want it powered on Your device should show up. Select it and then the connection will be made. Hope this helps. You may sometimes have to unpair and pair the devices again upon startup though or just wait a bit.

Cons: Does not seem to work on Ubuntu for me. I'll update this as I continue to research why this is the case. Due to the inherent incompatibility with Linux distros right now, I gave it a four star. It had an extremely tight fit yes I put it in the port correctly April 22, Using a bluetooth game controller, the input goes haywire or the signal is dropped entirely when the adapter is plugged into the back of the PC, even when sitting less than 5 feet away. I moved it to a USB hub sitting on top of the desk and it works fine, though moving it can be problematic, since it fits so snuggly in the USB port, you almost need pliers to tug it out.

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May 3, Works fantastic with windows 7, great range, very happy. Unfortunetly its not plug and plan, i had to use the cd to get it to work and it put on about 6 garbage programs that i cant delete. What a shame.