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I think the biggest bug bear is the AI seeming to do random stuff. Some people's cities will just stop recycling, their education will reduce people stop going to university for some reason and the traffic is bonkers.

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Won't really see this until you get a bigger city going, and that'll be a long way off for me seeing as there looks like there is big learning curve! Simple - PC is their primary target and they did it first. Mac has a lot less gamers than PC so it was second platform. And programming for it is way different - everything has to be rewritten using OpenGL instead of DirectX. It takes time so they released Windows version first, so gamers with PCs wouldn't have to wait that long. Honestly I didn't see almost any big game being released for PC and Mac at the same time with native Mac port, not Cider.

I have it installed on Mavericks - however, it has issues on Mavericks it runs in a small window - not full-screen. Works a treat on ML Both are now using the default drivers, as the They made an update about 5 days ago I think, has solved my problem on Mavericks with launching Origin.

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At least I can play now. Also, here's a welcome surprise - and likely why server-side saves make sense; your saves are platform-neutral. Server-side saving allows for abstraction - the client OS becomes irrelevant in that sense. I have access to all my cities on both Windows 8. Not saying that EA would dare - however, it could be done. Okay, so I'm using this on a Mac mini 2.

I only have about 60K citizens so far and it is just crawling. Anyone else experiencing this?

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    On Microsoft word, if you have many headlines, how do you make sure that they are completely even, or make them all even at the same time? In Excel how do I subtract a column and then multiply.? How many people think the sun is round and how can i prove them wrong? How do I upload a copy of my driver's license on a loan app if I do not have a copy in my computer? How can i fix my computers crashes? I cant get into my office ? Windows 7 still receiving updates? If none of these options work, you may have to resort to using Software rendering, in order to achieve a playable experience.

    SimCity 4 may crash on startup while reporting an error that claims that SimCity 4 was unable to initialize the graphics card, this may occur when using a hardware-accelerated rendering mode and a non-standard resolution.

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    Changing the rendering mode to "software" or changing the resolution to one of the supported resolutions x, x, x, x should resolve this issue. This will stop your modern card from triggering a compatibility check designed for the original Radeon series, forcing settings that make the game perform badly.

    Alternatively, this can be resolved by installing the SC4Launcher Utility. Enable the option 'Force Draw on Scroll' by checking the tick box. This should resolve the issue completely and will remain fixed regardless of whether the game is started with this custom launcher or through running the normal SimCity 4 executable. More parameters can be found via this link.

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    Please be aware that if you use the -UserDir parameter, changes made in any ingame options may not be saved properly. The availability of these sets depends on where the game was purchased, or where the purchaser's billing address states in the case of Digital Distribution. If running retail or Origin version, set the 'Target' field of the shortcut or add to Steam launch options:. Page Discussion View Edit History. Keyboard and mouse State Notes Remapping. Audio feature State Notes Separate volume controls. The app ID may differ in some cases.

    Treat backslashes as forward slashes. See the glossary page for details.

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