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The bad news is, they still occur, as infrequently as they may. Anytime it happens, my trackpad would disconnect for a second or two, before re-connecting. Since I published this article in , many readers have chimed in and offered potential solutions. Here are the most promising ones, that have helped numerous readers resolve the issue:.

If disabled, the problem appears to be going away for many. Here is how you do it:. You can also try to reset the Bluetooth module on your Mac, and here is how to do it. Some readers have also suggested that switching from internal Bluetooth to an external USB Bluetooth dongle may help.

Mitchel, one of the readers of this blog has reported success with disabling the 2. Unfortunately, those pesky Bluetooth issues on the Mac do not always seem to have a simple solution.

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I guess that is because the underlying problem is not well-understood either — at least not by the Mac user community. Ultimately, Apple needs to fix those issues in its devices via hardware, firmware, or software updates. The Disabling handoff worked also for me. Thanks — like you I was getting frustrated and had tried everything I could think of.

Appreciate your careful documenting of fixes and ideas. Same here. I thought the update to Apple has to address this issue and also the inability of Safari to run Netflix videos. Both are long standing problems, probably from recycling code from previous versions. Chrome browser plays those videos with no problems. Also, with Safari, I can only view the first five or six images of online galleries.

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Who knows. Everything was fine until the last update, The recent Glad and sad to see others with the same issue. I have the similar computer and the same exact issue and it still continues as of today July 29, Have the latest updated version of Sierra I certainly believe that it is a software bug, not a hardware problem at all. It does the same crazy movements as I use Logitech external mouse. It does not matter whether magic mouse or else. I even turned of 5GHz internet connection that I suspected it, but it was not. My Mac mini has these same issues: My Apple BT keyboard disconnects very often, say once every couple of minutes, and my Microsoft BT mouse behaves erratically, with the cursor suddenly disappearing or moving far away.

And if anything the problem has gotten much worse with No fix there. It may not even be a Bluetooth problem. The problem may lie in the USB bus that handles keyboards and mice.

How to right click on your mouse or trackpad on Mac

I write and edit books. This problem is costing me an irritatingly large amount of time. Definitely not Bluetooth—or at least not just Bluetooth. My next move is to look for a compact USB keyboard, so I can turn off Bluetooth entirely to see if these glitches are totally independent of Bluetooth.

This is a really irritating bug. Stand up and cheer! Googling all over for a solution to this problem, I got more and more confused.

How to Fix the Trackpad on the Macbook Pro

It was appearing on so many differing Macs and with mouses from all sorts of vendors that it was hard to believe the problem was hardware. It also seem to date back a version of two in OS X, which made me wonder what kind of bug this might be. Then on one webpage a guy made a quiet remark that for himself and everyone he knew the problem went away if you:. I tried that and, wonder of wonders, my almost continual problem went away. No mad mouse behavior at all. Even the occasional BT keyboard disconnect seems to have disappeared. Rather than only listen for an iCloud device when one was formally attached like it ought , OS X seems to be listening all the time and interpreting random 2.

Turn off that listening altogether, and the problem disappears. I heard that before but never followed up on it. I have disabled that now on my Mac. I first started having this problem only when I placed a particular backup drive near my Mac, and assumed it was interference.

But recently I started having it more frequently with no clear explanation regarding interference. Thought my bluetooth trackpad was going bad, it was an old one. So I got one of the new pricey trackpads and that had the same problem. Very frustrating. Thanks for this tip.

Mouse Not Working in macOS? Use these Fixes - Make Tech Easier

Handoff seems like a nice concept but it never worked all that reliably. Fantastic — turning off Handoff worked for me as well. I was worried that there was more of a hardware issue occurring. Many thanks for sharing! The preference tweak has certainly fixed my problem. Tim Cook should be happy. I was going to send him a bill for all my lost time.

Final words – Apple needs to fix that!

That erratic mouse data has to come from somewhere. But it does provide a path for other problems to get in and wreak havoc. I should correct that to no more really weird mouse woes. That was the largest problem. Delays in mouse movement that might have once been a few hundredth of a second are now a tenth of a second or so. It must be new.

Potential Causes

Hand Off, new IO devices or whatever, and unintentionally screwed it up for users who need fine and precise mouse adjustments. I seem to recall a coming across a gamer website when I was looking for a fix to this problem. Gamers need a fast and quick mouse, and they were not only complaining about delays in comparison to Windows, but suggesting a conspiracy theory—that Apple was tilting IO in favor of its own high-profit-margin devices. I do know that I now prefer working on my seven-old MacBook running Someone who can run multiple versions of OS X on similar hardware back to I can reboot the same hardware into Yosemite from another drive, and the problem is gone.

Before, my Mac was becoming almost unworkable with the mouse-driven cursor jumping all over every few seconds. Even the random BT keyboard disconnects have gone away. That problem has been around for a while, but was manageable.

It only turned terrible after the most recent upgrade to El Capitan, an upgrade not the version that originally shipped. My Mac mini is pretty bare bones, so that may keep my issues down.