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LVL 4. I generally don't recommend this, I recommend that the VPN server be the firewall itself.

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This link: Id recommend this first. After you make the VPN connection to the router you will be able to access your mac server without any additional open ports. Experts Exchange Solution brought to you by Your issues matter to us. LVL 2. Great - thank you. Are you familiar with OSX Server?

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Because I'm going to post another question in a second. I do have some experience with them. The ones I've setup the clients basically wanted them as glorified file servers but I am familiar with their higher network functions such as DNS and DHCP, of course file sharing and user creation as well, but there are feature in there I've never touched. Well, I just posted another question. Maybe you might know the answer to it?

How to Setup a L2TP VPN Server on OS X

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Setup a VPN server with macOS Sierra server 10.12

If you're on a business-class tier, ignore this. Page content loaded. Jun 27, 9: Thank you for your reply. My server firewall is not the problem because when I try to connect, I don't see any "blocked" messages in the log. I forwarded UDP , , and I didn't know they were even allowed to block that because their statement says that they allow any traffic that is lawful.

There is some talk about them blocking , 25, GRE, and inbound 80, but those are on old forums. My site works on port 80 though.

Jun 27, FWIW, "seems" is a comparatively hazardous choice when debugging networking access, and determining permissible access. Test your access, and definitely confirm what is permissible and not within your ISP terms of service, or check directly with your ISP and get some email on what is and is not allowed.

Probably something like the nc -zu w. Or alternatively, reconfigure your firewall back to disallowing VPN passthrough, try the VPN, and see if you can provoke the firewall to log hits on the ports. If you know that your SMTP port 25 is blocked your phrasing around the cause of the problems isn't clear to me , then you're on some analog to a DHCP-based residential service tier, and those can have other port blocks.

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If your mail is messed up and port 25 is not blocked, then it's likely your DNS that's messed up, as more than a few folks have tried setting up SMTP without having their forward and reverse DNS working for the IP address of their mail server. If this is the usual setup, the dig -x w. Jul 3, Mail hosting and VPN work fine behind the router. Of course, I can't actually use the mail host for anything useful.

I can't find anything on Verizon's site that says that they block any ports. In fact, I read the agreement, and they said that they allow any legal traffic. I'm going to ask the customer support.

Jul 4, 4: If you are using an apple airport router you may need to downgrade the firmware to get L2TP to work. Jul 5, 8: It lets me use pretty advanced settings, but the interface is annoying. It had presets for L2TP port forwarding, and they were the same as the ones recommended at http: Jul 5, Dec 15, 9: I have to point out that the ISP customer service for technical information along with its provided in-house device advanced configuration hell are holding me back. At this point I'm following two tracks: Thanks on that clarification. Sascha Schmidt Sascha Schmidt Welcome to the site.

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