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  • Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic II Is Out On Mac And Linux With Some Fantastic Updates?

More info. GamesPlanet FR. GamesPlanet DE.

KOTOR II gets patched after 10 years to support Mac, Linux

GamesPlanet UK. DRM Free. IndieGala Store. Humble Store. Star Wars Humble Bundle 3. The options are vast and varied. Like any Obsidian game, there are the occasional bugs and hiccups.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords

The creators of beloved-yet-glitchy games like Fallout: New Vega s and Alpha Protocol , Obsidian has always been more concerned with the big picture than the technical details. The character creation, combat and skill use can also feel a bit like inside-baseball at first.

Until you really get a feel for the Galaxy, you might not realize certain strategies are even available to you. It took me three playthroughs before I realized certain blasters ion absolutely wreck Droids.

Star Wars: KOTOR II gets first patch in a decade, adds Mac, Linux support - ExtremeTech

Every playthrough yields new secrets, new strategies. What new dialogue options will I get if I focus on the persuasion skill or awareness?

How to Remaster Star Wars KOTOR 2 with Mods

What new interactions occur if I take the dark Jedi Visas Marr with me on this mission? The joy of discovering something new in KOTOR 2 makes the Galaxy feel like a vast, open world ripe for exploring all over again. Your email address will not be published.

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  • KOTOR II Update Brings game to Mac and Linux, Adds Steam Workshop Support.
  • Big Star Wars: KOTOR II update includes widescreen and 5K resolution support.
  • Big Star Wars: KOTOR II update includes widescreen and 5K resolution support - subconsntenmarmu.ml?

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