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Click the menu labelled 'Save archive', and select 'into', and then choose a new destination. By default it will save the zipped file in the same place as the original file. This is even easier than the last bit.

Express Zip File Compression

You just have to double-click a zip file and it will open itself. The zip file will still be in its original location, but an unzipped copy will appear alongside it. Should you need to decompress an archive that's not a zip - a. This is free from the App Store and works in exactly the same way as the built-in zip tool - simply double-click the archive file and the files and folders will automatically be extracted to the same location.

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Some web browsers unzip what they consider to be safe files automatically when you download them in Safari's case safe files include image files such as Jpeg, PDFs and movies ; this may be something you'd rather not happen. If you're in Safari, go to the Safari dropdown menu, then Preferences, and select the General tab. Then either tick or untick the option 'Open "safe" files after downloading'.

How to Compress an iMovie File

At last, a challenge! This is a little more difficult - but well worth the trouble if you're going to be sending a sensitive file or document across an unsecured messaging system. We can encrypt the zip file so that anyone - on Mac or PC - will have to enter the password to use or view the file or folder. In fact the process really isn't scary: you just need to spend a few moments in Terminal.

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The command '-e' will tell Terminal to encrypt the zip file. Type Enter after each line.

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We will pretend the file to be zipped is called macworld. If it's a folder rather than a file we'll need to use slightly different code so see the section on folders below. At this point Terminal will ask you to enter a password. As you type this in, it will seem like nothing is appearing, but it's designed this way so don't worry - just press Enter once you're finished, and then repeat when it asks you to verify the password. Let's see that code again, but this time we'll use square brackets to indicate the bits you should change.

Don't include the square brackets! Note that the zip file can have the same filename as the original except with a. If at all possible, we would recommend renaming the file or folder you're compressing so that it doesn't have any spaces in the name, because this plays havoc with Terminal. You could replace the spaces with underscores, which looks reasonably neat.

Zip Software to Compress Files & Folders Quickly & Easily

So let's say we changed the name of our original file from 'macworld. This program can help you to reduce PDF file size without losing quality. This PDF compressor provides you with multiple compression options, so you can customize your PDF compression settings. Other features include:. Click the ' Open File ' button to add your file.

Alternatively, you can also drag and drop the PDF you want to compress into the program window. The file will automatically open within the program. The Optimization pop-up window will appear. From here, you can choose suitable compression settings and preview the result after compression. Finally, click ' Save ' to confirm the change.

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And if you want to learn more PDF solutions, you can visit this page. Below are the steps to do so.

Adobe Acrobat provides you with two ways to compress PDF files. Just follow the steps below:. There are some other methods to help you reduce PDF file size as well. Recreating your PDF is a simple way to decrease its size. By doing this, you can compress images in the file or remove unwanted objects. A PDF file will contain many elements, like annotations, links, bookmarks, form fields and others, which can be removed from your PDF file to reduce the file size.